February 14, 2016



Between the no longer and the not yet

Spirituality is maturing and Religion is diminished.
We are here to help with renewal and healing.

   We are a growing network of  “those who care” within the Church and beyond who:

  1. Care for those who have left the Church without adequate support for their questions and concerns about faith and practice.
  2. Committed to exploring emerging spiritualities, the boundaries of belief, ethics, and spiritual experience, in the light of contempoary knowledge.
  3. Committed to supporting practices, programs, policies and behaviours in society that are compassionate, just and ecologically sustainable.
  4. Persuing both de-construction and re-building of the faith of the Apostles, interpreted with scholarly advice, and on behalf of everyone’s faith journey including those who have disappeared.

Are you looking for spiritual resources and fail to find them in rituals and practices that belong to another world?

Do you experience doubt about beliefs that are incredible and un-aligned with a present view of reality?

Are you re-assessing claims that Christianity (or Islam, Judaism etc) is the only true way?

Have you found yourself questioning religious dogma and claims of absolute certainty?

Perhaps you would like to participate in our conversation group in Brisbane

  • Or read and/or contribute to online discussion by subscribing with your email address here
  • Or just browse the website for ideas, reading, inspiration or links to resources.

What is a Progressive Christian?      A Progressive Spirituality?

We understand ourselves to be part of a broad stream of human spiritual evolution who act out of the witness of Jesus, his Apostles and the wisdom of the historical Church, attentive to a spiritual awakening with new character, depth and shape.

We are part of a global movement in human affairs through networks of caring people in every part of the world with multiple foci.

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West End Uniting Church  is a safe place for people of all faiths and of none, where all are welcome regardless of age, gender, race, culture or lifestyle.
Sunday morning worship at 9:30am. Sunday evening contemplative worship at 5:30pm.
The Progressive Spirituality Network conversations are on Sundays at 6:30pm.
Auspiced by: West End Uniting Church, 11 Sussex St. Brisbane, 4101, QLD, AUSTRALIA.
Pastor: Revd. Kerry Pierce.

  For Activities: see the GENERAL, NEWS and CALENDAR pages of this website.

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